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Rogue 4. Charlie at AcesHigh Tattoos

The Rogue series began with a commission to celebrate a special occasion. The choice of the word Rogue is a combination of the recipient's name and the famous fashion magazine.

This allowed me to investigate subtle meanings of the word Rogue. 

Rogue 4.
Charlie at Aces High Tattoos.
Oil on Canvas.
50cm x 40cm


Rogue 3.
Never mnd the Sex Pistols, I'm we
aring that dress.
Oil on Canvas.
50cm x 40cm

ROGUE 1 A2.jpg

Rogue 1.
5oth Celebratory Edition of Rogue magazine.

Oil on Canvas.
40cm x 30cm

ROGUE SIX. 3099. C10. GC.0.85. S10.jpg

Rogue 6.
Dave and Zeko:

We're with the band.

When I created this, of father and and his son, the father was very seriously ill with a Covid induced stroke.
He survived and is slowly improving in health.

Oil on Canvas.
50cm x 40cm

ROGUE 7. LED ZEP IV (3) with frame.jpg

Rogue 7.
Homage to the wee man and his sticks.

Oil on Canvas mounted on canvas.
40cm x 40cm

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